Guidelines Governing Direct Transfers from the MSc to Ph.D. Program (111 academic year)

Admission Requirements:
In accordance with TCU policies, a master’s student who has a superior academic record at the graduate level, and presents outstanding research potential is eligible to apply for the direct Ph.D. track.

Materials Required for Applications:
1. A completed application form (
2. An autobiography (including the motivation; 3 copies)
3. At least two letters of recommendation, which must from academic sources.
4. A study plan for Ph.D. program (3 copies).
5. A transcript show grades (including class ranking) for every semester of study in which you were enrolled at that institution (including the first semester of 110 academic year) (please hand in the transcript before February 7, 2022).

The Examination Committee of the Institute will assess applicants based on their application materials and the oral interview. Upon approval by the Institute, the screening results will be forwarded to the president of TCU for affirmation. Applicants who are accepted will officially become doctoral students of the Institute.

Application date:
December 20, 2021 to January 7, 2022.

Oral interview date:
March 5, 2022
Maximum admission number of students: 8

Programs open for application:
Program of Medical Sciences
Program of Health Sciences
Program of Chinese Medicine Sciences
Admission Results:
Admission results will be released on March, 21 2022

Scholarship/Financial Aid Information:
TCU facilitates scholarship programs for international students. For more details about scholarships, please contact the Office of International Affairs.

Applicants please submit the required materials (all in an envelope with the applicant’s name and the program name that you apply to on it) to the Office of Academic Affairs of TCU (The Registrar Division) prior to the application deadline.

If you have any question, please contact the office of Institute of Medical Sciences (03-8565301 ext. 2011).

Adviser Professor

Graduate students should choose main thesis adviser before the end of the first academic year. Student should be aware of the main advisor’s expertise, interested areas and available resources in order to achieve his (her) research goal. The identification of the adviser shall be based on the principle of full-time teachers of the Institute and those who are jointly employed as associate professors or above in the current year. If necessary, graduate student can invite a co-adviser upon the agreement from the deputy director and adviser professor.

Please hand in the form to office before 6/ 25.