PhD Qualifying Examination in 111-1 semester

According to the rules from our institute, the PhD Qualifying Examination should be completed before the end of third academic year after enrollment, and students should complete the application process within one month at the beginning of every semester (before 10/14 in this semester) .

The process flowchart:

Choose your adviser professor and constitute the thesis advisory committee.

Submit a completed application form(Choose between the main thesis or Non Thesis),
non-thesis: two non-thesis topics along with the main research project (all with abstracts)
main thesis:research project (abstract), (the research subject and direction are changed after QE, a new application must be submitted; Those who fail must change their research project and take the QE again)

The institute director and deputy directors will decide a topic for your non-thesis proposal, and also recommend one full-time tenured faculty from the Institute of Medical Sciences as your Qualifying Examination Committee member.

Your thesis advisory committee recommends two to four members for your Qualifying Examination Committee (at least one third of the members should be the external member of the Tzu Chi University).

Confirm the date for your Qualifying Examination.

Submit your non-thesis proposal two weeks before the Qualifying Examination (an electronic copy and 3 printed copies).

The Qualifying Examination.
Attached are the application forms.